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Looking for an experienced Finnish linguist for your agency? I'm a friendly, creative EN-FI translator with a proven track record. Let's find out if we could be the perfect match!

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Services & Specialties

I offer English to Finnish translation, proofreading, and transcreation services, and I specialize in the areas below. Click on the icons to learn more, or get in touch to check my experience in other areas.

marketing (b2c & b2b)

I have over ten years of experience in this area, and marketing-related jobs make up about 50% of my daily translation/review work.

Marketing is my main specialization in two different ways. First, I have a knack for translating marketing-style content that calls for creative adaptation and copywriting skills, such as Google ads or website copy. Second, I understand marketing activities and terminology well, so you can also have me translate texts intended for marketing professionals or businesses.

examples of past projects

  • Customer segmentation pdf file for a garden center
  • Email newsletters and Facebook ads for a fashion brand
  • Partner Growth Program initiative web copy for a fintech company
  • Sales copy about washing machines and tumbling dryers
  • Google Ads copy for a superfood manufacturer
  • Market research surveys on home appliances

travel & tourism

I've worked directly with two major online travel booking platforms and one smaller one to translate and review their content. I'm happy to call one of them my longest-standing client, who's been trusting me with their work for over a decade.

Roughly 30% of my daily translation work is related to travel, so I'm very familiar with the terminology and best phrases to entice Finnish travelers to book a trip or room – or to inform them about all things travel.

examples of past projects

  • Hotel and room descriptions for a travel booking platform
  • Web copy promoting coupons for hotel booking discounts
  • UI texts for a travel booking app
  • An article about the best time to visit Japan
  • Web copy directed at hosts offering accommodation via an online travel booking platform
  • Informational texts related to Covid-19 and travel restrictions in different countries

video & pc gaming

Growing up between two brothers and playing their video games (or fighting over the chance to play) since I was ten, I know the gaming industry and its vocabulary and have a genuine passion for it.

My translation experience in this field is mainly focused on promotional content related to games rather than localizing games themselves. Still, given my expertise in this field, I'm well equipped to handle game localization tasks.

examples of past projects

  • Video game descriptions for a website
  • Landing page and ad banner copy promoting a video game subscription service
  • Translating a voice-over script describing a video game subscription service
  • Translating Nintendo 3DS manual together with another Finnish linguist

it & web development

Information technology is a massive field, but I've gained experience in almost every aspect of it, from hardware to software, security, and the web. I dabble in web development and web design as a hobby, so I have particular expertise in that area.

I'm generally tech-savvy, and my overall IT terminology knowledge is reasonably advanced, so I'm prepared and happy to help you with any of your IT-related projects.

examples of past projects

  • Ad copy for new laptop models
  • Product descriptions of computers cases, CPUs, graphics cards, printers and other hardware and peripherals
  • Technical help center articles on implementing ad-tech
  • Copy related to building cloud IT infrastructure for businesses
  • Course content for an information security awareness training

Your Translator

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Milla Hyttinen

Business name:   Lumetrans
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Feedback from Clients

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Milla is one of the best translators I have ever worked with. Smart, reliable with incredible attention to detail. She has never missed a deadline and is always eager to help. I highly recommend Milla.

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Milla is a top-notch linguist; she holds every deadline, delivers great quality, is very quick to reply and asks all the right questions, ensuring a fantastic experience for our Finnish speaking users. I highly recommend Milla!

- Jamel Hamou from Zettle by PayPal
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We're very happy with the collaboration with Milla. We've been working together mostly on marketing and software projects, and the quality of Milla's translations has always been very high. She's very professional and at the same time friendly. Recommendable!

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Efficient, reliable and flexible. Milla has been helping with some important projects and we have been quite happy with her cooperation.

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Rates for Services

These are my general rates for your reference, but I always recommend you tell me about your projects and ask for an individual quote.

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per job

What You Get

So why should you choose me over someone equally competent who offers lower rates? Fair question. My answer is: because my work is likely to bring you more profits in the long run. Here's how.

more LOYAL CLIENTS, FEWER complaints

Take it from someone who's been there: translators with lower rates tend to be busy and stressed out. No matter how skilled and conscientious they are, they rarely have the luxury to care beyond finding the first passable translation, sentence by sentence. The problem with this is that while it may save you money in the short term, it will cost you more in the long run.

Every translation represents your business. Delivering consistently high quality to your end clients makes it much less likely they'll be tempted to swap you for a cheaper alternative or that you'll have to deal with any costly quality complaints. I think maximizing your retention is so crucial that I routinely overdeliver on quality to ensure every translation reflects well on you. Because of this, I've been selected as the preferred translator for many important projects and have even been called an angel more than once! Here are the elements I use to build the best possible translations for you:

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No matter how familiar I am with the subject, my work always involves research. This is to ensure that I understand 100% of what I'm translating so that I can convey the intended message clearly and fully.

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Purpose & target audience

The best translations are purpose-built. I consider who and what the translation is for, and this informs my choice of style and wording. If the source text is not worded as effectively as it could be, I'm not afraid to improve upon it in my translation – as long as I understand the intention fully. If the text is meant to sell something, I focus on reinforcing it subtly with a compelling style. If it's meant to instruct, I prioritize clarity and logical structure.

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Local tone

Instead of individual words, I translate essential meanings and make them sound as natural as possible. Besides relying on my native language skills, I often look up comparable texts originally written in Finnish. This results in a translation that the reader trusts because it sounds familiar and clear to them.

RESPONSIVE, time-saving service

The more smoothly things go from assignment to delivery, the more profitable each translation project is for you. My goal is to save your project managers' time by being quick to respond and careful to pre-empt any unnecessary problems.

No time wasted: You'll get a quick response to your availability inquiries, typically within 5–30 minutes.*
Tech issues nipped in the bud: After you send me the files, I'll check that everything opens as it should and let you know immediately if there's a problem.
Organized approach: If you send me project instructions, I'll read them carefully before starting the project.
No unnecessary queries: I only submit a query after trying to find the answer myself.
Delivery as expected (or sooner): You'll receive a polished translation well on time – or ahead of schedule.
Satisfaction guarantee: My work is not done until you are 100% happy. I'll be readily available to answer your questions and make any edits if needed after delivery.
*during my normal working hours:
Mon-Fri  8:00 - 16:00 CET

Let's Talk Translation

Interested in talking to me about a potential project or need more information? Just send me your name and email address using the form below, and I'll get back to you within one business day. Alternatively, you can email me directly at milla.hyttinen@lumetrans.fi.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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